Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New, Allen Williams

Soil Health Academy Presents
Adaptive Grazing for Beginners


Registration includes all classes, digital course materials, 

and lunch each day!

Tuition of $1,275 

$200 Discount for Full Time College Students

(With a paid registration at $1275, one immediate family member receives a $200 discount)


Ray Archuleta 

2351 Severs Road

Seymour, MO  65746

October 15-17, 2019


  • Ray Archuleta
    Ray Archuleta
  • Gabe Brown
    Gabe Brown
  • Shane New
    Shane New
  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams

Who Should Attend? 

Anyone that wants to take their farm/ranch to the next level. This course will examine all aspects of regenerative farming and ranching, soil health, plant health, and animal health. Hands-on experience will be heavily emphasized. 

This is a power-packed three days for beginning graziers.  Taught by highly experienced and expert graziers.

Participants will work in teams to solve real-world grazing problems and sharpen their skills.


What You Will Learn:

Principles of Soil Health & Adaptive Stewardship

Restoring Vibrant Ecosystems Through Adaptive Grazing

Making Grazing Highly Profitable & Desirable

Successful Marketing: Strategies for Enhanced Net Margins

Economics and Finances of Grazing

Topics Addressed:

Planning for drought

When and how to begin grazing in the spring

Setting up the 'grazing wedget'& developing a forage chain

Stockpiling forages

Determining paddock size

Plant Brix: How to measure and how to use

Grazing alternative forages - corn stalk residue, cover crops

Using financial decision calculators and developing cash flow projections

Water systems - wells, surface water, pipelines, pumps, etc.

Fence systems - permanent and portable/temporary.  How an energized fence works.  Energized fence troubleshooting.

When do I graze a paddock?  How much rest?  How does grass develop?

Paddock construction and layout

Minimum paddock number 

"Before & After" grazing observation and evaluation

Soil health evaluation - infiltration, earthworm counts, sniff test, soil aggregate observation

'Shovel' test

Grazing riparian areas for ecological stability

Woodland grazing/silvopasture

Effectively and efficiently incorporate shade

What role do supplement/minerals play in a grazing program

Considerations for grass tetany, bloat, nitrates, poisonous plants

Soil I soil test?  What tests(s) should I use? Should I fertilize?

Should I plant perennial forages?  What should I plant?  Can I afford to plant cropland to forages?  Can I convert cropland to pasture?

Managing pastures after a long history of continuous overgrazing

Economics of managed pastures vs. cropland or unmanaged pastures

What are 'weeds' and how do I manage them?

Leader/follower grazing

'Flerd' grazing (mixed species herds)

Techniques for increasing animal impact within a paddock

Marketing & sales skills

Stacked enterprises:  planning, coordinating, implementing


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